De La Luz music video gone live!

I have directed De La Luz for French electronic artist/DJ Fakear back in November 2015 via Ninja Tune/Counter Records. It went live a couple of weeks ago, and has got about 50K+ views today (on 2 different links). 
This was a marvellous (and quite challenging!) experience that marked the end of my 2-year contract with We Are Tilt, co-producers of this film along with Skewed Corp. 
We have filmed the talented Betsy Mobey with Marco Alonso (DP) and Sam Reynard (Ronin/Drones Op) in Costa Del Sol in the South of Spain. The post-production and CGI took place in Brighton at We Are Tilt studios. 

Crazy few days of filming! We flew drones over highways, shot from cars, mountain hills and ran around Marbella streets with 3 cameras and a whole crew at 4 in the morning.