Merass is the Man with a Movie Camera. A respected independent director in his own right, Merass brings a filmmaker’s eye to everything that he produces, adding artistry and craft to even the most straightforward pieces. If you want the standard videos, please go elsewhere.

After completing his undergraduate degree at Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut, Merass went on to take his Masters at the Sorbonne in Paris, completing his studies at the New York Film Academy. Following graduation, Merass went on to work on indie productions and direct music videos, grabbing glowing reviews in the music press along the way. Truly a man born to hold a film camera.

Did you know? Drop Merass in any city on earth and within 24-hours he’ll have made 743 new Facebook friends, lost a shoe while dancing in some party, and shot a short film about local graffiti artists. He doesn’t do diluted living.